How to Connect to Gusto Payroll

Part A. How to connect to Gusto from your ZarMoney Account

1. From the main ZarMoney/Gusto page, you’ll need to login to your Gusto account:

  • If you need to sign up for an account, click Get Started and follow the instructions.

  • If you already have an account, click Login to Gusto.

Note: If you sign up for the 3 months free trial subscription, you may receive a message similar to the one below. If you do, make sure to fill out your company’s information under Company Preferences, and you should be able to continue the sign-up process.

2. After you sign in, you’ll be asked to authorize ZarMoney to access your account by clicking Authorize:

3. Next, if you have multiple companies with Gusto, you'll be asked which company you would like to login to.

4. After authorizing, you’ll be taken to the account mapping screen to set up which accounts you’d like the payroll journal entry to use. Each category will be tied to a specified financial account. If you don't already have the financial accounts created in ZarMoney, you can either set up each account from the drop-down menus here or go back to your chart of accounts and set them up there. (

Note: Your setup may look different from ours as this is how we have our demo company set up.

Note: On the account mapping screen, the last category, “Do not import the check amounts," will need to be check marked whenever paper checks are printed to pay your employees. If you print paper checks and import the journal entry, you’ll create a discrepancy in your accounting.

Here’s a list of the categories and their associated ZarMoney Financial Accounts:

Bank Account

Bank Account

Salaries & Expenses

Current Liabilities or Expenses



Employer Taxes

Current Liabilities or Expenses

Employer Benefit Liabilities

Current Liabilities or Expenses

Employee Deductions / Garnishments

Current Liabilities

Owner’s Draw

Equity, Current Liabilities, or Expenses

Part B. How to use your integration once connected to Gusto

Once you’ve logged in and mapped your accounts, you’ll be taken to the payroll screen:

1. Click the Run Payroll button in the top left corner to run a new payroll.

2. Click on any payroll to see the payroll summary, where you can see a breakdown for that payroll.

3. To import a payroll into ZarMoney, click on the Import button for that payroll.

4. After it is imported, you can also see the journal entry for that payroll by clicking on the View Journal Entry button in the top right corner of the payroll breakdown screen.

To return to your payroll history, click the “Back to Payroll History” button in the top left corner.

Note: If you accidentally import a payroll, you can undo the import by deleting the payroll journal entry. (

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