Quote/Estimate Actions Menu


The Actions button allows you to create an Invoice, Sales Order, duplicate quote, delete the quote, view status history and see who modified the quote and when.

  • Related Purchase Orders are used when the item you are selling is not in stock and you need to order more or if it is a special order item (non-inventory item). Once the material has arrived and been received you will have a Bill for it. That bill will show under Related Purchase Orders/Bills.
  • Once the Sales Order has been invoiced, the Invoice can be viewed by choosing Related Invoices from the Actions Menu.
  • Duplicate Sales Order is used when you have a customer who purchases the same order each time. The number of items and prices can be changed as needed.
  • View Status History details when the Sales Order was faxed, printed, and emailed. It will also show any time the status is changed (i.e. need to ship changed to shipped).
  • View Sales Order History details every time the Sales Order is changed, how it was changed, who changed it, and when.
  • Void Sales Order is to void an existing Sales Order.