Many businesses have multiple locations for their company. This page reflects how to access your locations, add a new location, and delete or edit a location.

Quick Reference

Access Locations

  • From any screen in ZarMoney, hover over the Company tab and select Company Preferences. Select Locations from the drop down list.
  • Locations is where existing Location(s) can be edited or new Location(s) can be added.

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Add a new Location

To add a new Location:

  • In the Name field enter the name that will be used to identify the Location(s).
  • For the Address enter the address associated with the Location(s).
  • For Phone # and Fax # enter each in their respective fields.
  • Only check the Inactive field if the new Location(s) is inactive. If it is inactive it will not appear as an option on new orders.
  • When finished select Add New to save the new Location(s).

  • New location is shown below.

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Delete or Edit a Location

To Delete a Location:

  • Select the Trash Can Icon to the right of the Location you would like to Delete.
  • A pop-up window will ask if you are sure you want to delete this record. Select Yes to continue and delete. Select No to go back to the Location List without making any changes.

To Edit a Location:

  • Select the Pencil Icon to the left of the Location you would like to Edit.
  • Complete the modifications to the record.
Select OK to save the changes or Cancel to go back to last saved version of that Location.

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