We will soon be rolling out an integration between ZarMoney and Square to make your workflow from point-of-sale (POS) to bookkeeping seamless! In the meantime, check out the below method of recording the transactions manually:

If you have many transactions through your POS daily and do not wish to enter each one separately, you can enter all the transactions of the day into ZarMoney at once using the 'Quick Sales' function.

First ensure you have the 'Quick Sales' capability turned on in settings and all of your items are in ZarMoney. It is important that the correct income and cost of goods sold/expense accounts are mapped to each item.

When you create the Quick Sale, use 'Daily Square Sales' as the customer for the customer field (you will need to add this customer). Deposit to the 'Deposit Bag' and use 'Square' as the payment method.

Save & close the Quick Sale and create the related deposit, ensuring you record the fee charged by Square:

Completing these steps will ensure your daily transactions match up with the daily transfers to your bank account made by Square.

**If you use this method to record your sales, please keep in mind that the transactions will not be tracked in each individual customer's sub-ledger. Ideally this method will be used when customer information is tracked separately in your POS system.**

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