Company Information

«CompanyName» or «CompanyLocationName» YourCompany Name
«CompanyAddress» or «CompanyLocationAddress» Company Address «Image:CompanyLogo» Company Logo Image
«CompanyPhoneNumber» or «CompanyLocationPhoneNumber» Company Phone Number:
«CompanyFaxNumber» or «CompanyLocationFaxNumber» Company Fax Number:
«CompanyEmail» or «CompanyLocationEmail» CompanyE-mail Address: 

This section is for specific Site(location) when you have multiple warehouse (site locations)
Used in:Quote,Sales Orders, Invoice, Quick Sale, Customer Credit Memo, Purchase Order,Bill, Vendor Credit Memo 


General Transactions

This will list all the custom fields with their data.Note: you need to select Print Custom Fields: in the PrintTemplate advanced settings 

«ANYTHING» You can create your own custom field

Example1: you have a customer filed called “Claim Number” therefor your Custom Field merge tag will be «Claim» = . { MERGEFIELDClaim Number\* MERGEFORMAT }

Example2: P.O./SideMark = «P.O./Side»= { MERGEFIELDP.O./Side Mark\* MERGEFORMAT } 

«ShippingMethod» Shipping Via:
«PaymentTerm» Payment Term:
«OrderedBy» Used in Vendor Transactions Section.Used as user made the transaction
«SalesPerson» Used in All Customer Transactions (Quote, Sales Order, Invoice, QuickSales, Customer Credit Memo)
«CurrentUser», «CurrentDate» Example: Printed by «CurrentUser», «CurrentDate» this is the logged in user that is printing this.
«Division» Assigned Class to the Orders


Customer Information

«CustomerBAddress» Customer Billing Address
«CustomerAltPhoneNumber» Customer Alternative Phone Number
«CustomerSAddressName» Customer Shipping Address Name
«CustomerSAddress» Customer Shipping Address
«CustomerAccountNumber» Customer Account Number
«Contact» Customer Contact


Items General (used in all customers and vendors transactions)

«ItemOrdered» Only Used in Invoice
«ItemBackordered» Only Used in invoice





Sales Order




This is a Sale Order Number: that invoices converted from.
Date: «InvoiceDate»  
«PaymentsApplied» Total Applied Credits


Quick Sales 


Customer Credit Memo

«RemainingCredit» Remaining Credit (unused amount) 

Customer Statement

«CurrentDue» CurrentDue:
«Range1_30» 1-30Days Past Due:
«Range31_60» 31-60Days Past Due:
«Range61_90» 61-90 Days Past Due:
«RangeOver90» 90+Days Past Due: 



«VendorBAddress» Vendor Billing Address
«VendorSAddressName» Vendor Shipping Address Name
«VendorSAddress» Vendor Shipping Address 


Purchase Order



Receive Items






Vendor Credit Memo



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