Unfortunately ZarMoney doesn't support multi currency, but we may support it soon!

In the meantime, you can perform the following steps to record foreign currency sales in your books:

  1. Create the invoice in ZarMoney in USD
  2. Create a secondary invoice in the customer's local currency outside of ZarMoney using this template: http://ezinvoice.io/
  3. Manually enter the amount for the local currency on the secondary invoice based on the conversion rate on the date of invoice

When you receive payment in your bank in USD, you will need to record the difference between what you received and the amount on the original invoice as a Gain/Loss on Foreign Currency Exchange. To do this, create a new financial account under Cost of Sales in your Chart of Accounts.

Then, create a 'Receive Payment' from the related invoice and direct to your 'Deposit Bag.'

Finally, create a new deposit routed to your bank account, select the payment you just recorded, and add a new line at the bottom for the Gain/Loss.

Code this line to the account you created earlier. The gain will be a positive on the deposit slip while the loss will be negative.

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