For your security, we can not delete your company, and you need to delete it as a company owner.

Here is the direct link

1.  Go to Profile Settings

By clicking on your profile name (on the home page), the "Profile Settings" tab will appear, click on it.

2. Delete Company

Your profile information will be displayed, among that information will be your 'Company Name'. By hovering over the company name you would like to delete, their will be red trash icon to the right (as shown below).

3. Conformation

After clicking on the red trash can icon, a pop-up confirmation will appear, you will need to enter the Company Id number for the company to be deleted.

When all three steps are completed your company will be deleted, you will still have access to viewing your companies invoices, sales orders, etc for 15 days. Also the Company name will still show under profile settings for 15 days.

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