Importing customers is mainly used for switching from one accounting software to another. 

1. Click on Settings

Click on settings icon on top right.  

2. Chose "Import/Export Data"

By clicking on "Import/Export Data" it will give you subcategories of Customers, Vendors, Items. Click on the 'Customers' option. 

3. Download CSV Sample 

This step is very crucial, this sample shows how customer information has to be formatted in order to be properly imported.

4. Choose File

After reviewing sample and formatting customer list properly, click on the 'Chose File' option and chose the file which you have saved your Customer list under. (If you wish to overwrite existing records click on the box under File Name option)

5. Download 

Click on 'Download Customers' button 

After these five simple steps you should see all your Customer List information in ZarMoney. 

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