1. Open Deposit 

Hover over the 'Deposit' option under the banking tab and click of the '+' option.

2. Input Deposit Information

Enter the Account which you would like make a deposit to. As well as the Date, Memo (optional),  Merchant Fee/Cash Back (optional).  

3. Choose Payment Methods

Click on the Payment Methods that you would like to see transactions for. 

4. Transactions

a.) Choose from the listed Transactions. Transactions chosen are which will appear on deposit.

b.) OR, add a receipt of funds transaction directly from the bottom of the deposit by entering the related customer, financial account, description, payment method, Ref#, class, and amount.

5. Saving

 After completing those four steps choose your saving preference. Your deposit will be saved and listed in the 'Banking Tab' under the 'Deposits' option. 

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