Note: After voiding an invoice it can not be reversed. For security reasons, the voided invoices will still be only available to view.
Note: For security reason, You can not delete an invoice, you can only void them so you a have record of voided transaction. 

1. Choose Invoice

There is a multiple options to search for an invoice. First option would be searching by the invoice number in the search bar (as shown below). Second option would be choosing from the Invoices list under the 'Sales' tab.

2. Void Invoice

Click on the actions tab to the right of the page and then click on 'Void Invoice'.

3. Confirm

After clicking on  'Void Invoice' in the action tab, a confirmation alert will pop-up, click on yes if you are sure you would like to void the invoice. 

After these three steps your invoice will be voided, and you will longer be able to make any adjustments or changes to the invoice.

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