Note: Prior to printing a check you must know which bill or expense you would like to print the check for.
Find out how to make an expense from the link below:

1. Click 'Print Check'

By clicking on the 'Print Checks' option under the 'Purchases' tab it will redirect you to 

2.  Chose Bank Account

Chose the bank account you would like to print the check from.

3. Enter Check Number

In the space provided enter the check number. The check number can be commonly found at the bottom of any check.

4. Chose Check Style 

Their is two check styles that you can chose from which are Voucher or Draft. The difference between the two is a Voucher check has a paper trail detachment kept for records, and a draft check does not.

5. Print

By Clicking the 'Print' button on the bottom right your check will be printed, and you are done!

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