Purchase Order Actions Menu

  • The Actions button allows you to enter a Bill for this Purchase Order, Receive the Items, View Related Receipts and Bills, Duplicate the Purchase Order, View the Status History, View Purchase Order History, and Void Purchase Order.
  • Enter Bill allows you create a Bill for the Purchase Order.
  • Receive Items allows entry into the system that the items are now at your location and in inventory.
  • Related Item Receipt/Bill allows you view the items that have been received from this Purchase Order and also the bills associated with the Purchase Order.
  • Duplicate Purchase Order allows you to purchase the same items from the same Vendor. You can modify the number of items and prices as needed. A new Purchase Order number will be issued.
  • View Status History details when the Purchase Order was printed, faxed and/or emailed.
  • View Purchase Order History details every time the Purchase Order is changed, who changed it, and when.
  • Void Purchase Order to void existing Purchase Order.

Links to Information on Purchase Orders are shown in blue.

Vendor Information:

  • In a Purchase Order, select the Vendor’s name and it will take you back to their Transactions page.

Item Description/Inventory Status

  • In a Purchase Order, select an item to see its details and also to check how much Inventory is available for particular item.

Unit of Measure

  • By hovering over the Unit of Measure (U/M), a description of that unit will appear.


  • This link will take you to the Sales Order for the item being ordered.

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