Receive Payments/Apply Credits (Accounts Receivable)

Receive Payments:

  • To Receive a New Payment for the amount due on an Invoice, select the Credit Card icon on the top right hand side of the Invoice.
  • Enter the amount of the payment, the payment method (credit card, cash, etc.), deposit location (a default action for this can be designated, i.e. Deposit Bag), when the payment was received, and a reference number so that the payment can be identified at a later time.
  • Select Save & Close to accept this payment and apply it to the Invoice. Select Save & New to keep receiving payments. Selecting Revert will restore the payment fields to blank.

Apply Credits

  • Applying Credits is necessary when the customer pre-paid for the Sales Order or the customer has a credit and you need to apply that to the Invoice to avoid showing an open balance.
  • To Apply a Credit, select the Credit Card icon on the top right side of the page. The payment box will appear showing Applied Credits. Click on the Applied Credits amount and a secondary window will appear called Apply Credits & Payments. In the box under Amount Used, type in how much of the payment you would like to use towards this Invoice and then select Adjust. You will be taken back to the Receive Payment window. Select Save & Close to Apply the Credit.
  • Once you have Applied Payments, Payments Applied will appear on the Invoice above the Balance Due (if any). By selecting Payments Applied, the details of all Payments associated with this Invoice can be viewed, including payment number, date received, received by, payment method, reference number, credits applied, and amount received.

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