Attach Files, Fax, Email, Print, Edit, and Void Purchase Orders

Attach Files

  • There are many different kinds of files that can be attached to a Purchase Order. For instance, you may want to attach a file to show a confirmation notice from the Vendor verifying that they received your order.
  • To attach a file to a Purchase Order, select the Paperclip icon. The Attachments Box will come up, select Choose File and browse your computers files to find the one you want. Maximum attachment is 25MB. After locating the file, select Open and then select Attach. We recommend saving the files as PDF for maximum quality with lowest file size.
  • Once files have been attached to a Purchase Order, they can be accessed from anywhere there is access to ZarMoney. Select the Paperclip icon and then the file which file to be viewed.


  • To submit the Purchase Order to the Vendor via Fax, select the Fax Machine icon. The Send Fax window will appear with a text box for the Vendor, an additional text box for Other Recipient and a box for an Optional Message (up to 1000 characters). If the fax number for a Vendor has been saved in Vendor Information,it will automatically be entered in the Vendor text box. To send the Purchase Order to a different recipient or to an alternate fax number), enter that fax number in the Other Recipient box. Place a check mark in the box next to the number chosen to fax the Purchase Order to and select Send to send it as is or press PDF Preview to review what will be sent.
  • NOTE: It is very important that the number 1 is entered before the fax number, otherwise it will not be delivered.


  • A Purchase Order can be sent via Email if the Vendor does not have a fax machine or if they prefer to receive the Purchase Order via Email.
  • To Email, select the Envelope icon on the upper right hand side of the Purchase Order page. ZarMoney will open a Send Email Window where the Vendor's Email address can be entered.. If the Vendors Email address is saved in Vendor Information, it will automatically appear in the Send Email Window. On the line below, additional email addresses can be entered (separated by commas) if the Purchase Order is to be sent to multiple recipients. An Optional Message (up to 1000 characters) can be added that will show in the body of the Email. Place a check mark in the box next to the Email address(es) for the receipents of the Purchase Order and select Send.


  • Printing a Purchase Order can be a useful way to keep track of which Purchase Orders have been submitted to Vendors.
  • To Print, select the Printer icon on the upper right hand side of the Purchase Order page. ZarMoney will open the document in another tab to preview the document before printing. To print, select Print.
  • You can customize your print template based on the needs of your business and can have different versions of the template to choose from at the time of printing.


  • Edit allows items to be removed, prices changed, tax status changed and Vendor Information to be changed.
  • To Edit the Purchase Order, select the Pencil and Paper Icon. Make sure to Save and Close when finished with changes.


  • To Void a Purchase Order , hover over Actions and select Void Purchase Order from the drop down menu.

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