Enter Items on a Purchase Order

  • When an item is created, a description that includes all the details of the item can also be noted. The Description Box will automatically fill in when a saved item that has a description.
  • Enter the Quantity being purchased and the Unit of Measure (U/M).
  • Enter the individual Cost of the item and the Subtotal will automatically be calculated. If only the Subtotal of the item line is entered, the individual Cost will be calculated automatically as long as you have a Quantity.
  • To add more line items, select Add 5 more lines... at the bottom left of the page.
  • When all of the information for the Purchase Order has been entered select Save & Close. To continue entering Purchase Orders press Save & New. To delete all the changes that were made to this Purchase Order, select Revert and the screen will return to the last saved version of that Purchase Order (if it was a new Purchase Order, it will have been deleted and the screen will return to a blank Purchase Order).
  • Once the items have been saved, select Item Name to view the inventory levels, item history, item details, and related items.
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