Create a Purchase Order for a Customer Sales Order

This action is used when your customer orders something that you are out of stock of or that you will need to special order.

Create a Purchase Order from a Customer Sales Order:

  • From the Actions menu on the Sales Order choose Create Purchase Order. In this case, the item information will appear on the Purchase Order.

Enter information:

  • The date will default to the current date. To enter a Vendor that has already been saved, begin typing the vendor's name and it should appear in a drop down list. Choose the vendor from the drop down list and all of their information will be automatically entered on the Purchase Order.
  • The expected delivery date is the date that you expect the items to be in your possession.
  • A Purchase Order # is automatically assigned to the order
  • If your company has multiple locations, they will be available in the Location drop down list. Choose the delivery destination location for the Purchase Order.
  • The Shipping Method is how the items/materials will be shipped. Are you sending a truck to pick them up or is the vendor arranging the shipping? Make a note of it on the Purchase Order in the Shipping Method field.
  • Payment Term is how you intend to pay for the Purchase Order. Enter the terms of payment in the Payment Term field.

Edit/Delete Items:

  • Items can be deleted from a Purchase Order by selecting the Trash Can icon next to the item line. This is useful if only part of the customer's Sales Order needs to be special ordered. Quantities can be changed, and the price(s) can be changed to reflect your cost(s) from the Vendor.

Adding Items:

  • It may be beneficial to add orders from other customers to the Purchase Order to save on shipping or to make it easier to pay the bills. To add an item for stock or for another customer, enter the items into the next line item.
  • If the item is for another Sales Order or customer, enter their Sales Order number into the CST./S.O.# field, and the customer name should appear in a drop down list. Select the Sales Order you want associated with that item and it will appear in the CST./S.O.# field.
  • If the item is for stock, leave the CST./S.O.# field blank. (You may want to write a note that the item is for stock.)
  • Select Save & Close to accept this order and move on or Save & New to continue entering Purchase Orders. Revert will take you back to the original information that was transferred from the Sales Order and does not include the Vendor information or any changes that you have made.

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