Enter Details for New Vendor

Vendor Address:

  • When adding a new Vendor, a window will appear where the vendor information can be entered. The first tab is the Vendor contact information.
  • Enter the name of the Vendor and their contact information. If you don't have time to enter the Vendor details entirely, it will allow you to save with only a Vendor name.

 Additional Information:

  • The second tab is for Additional Info. This includes the Vendor Account Number, Credit Limit, Payment Terms, Payment Method, and Tax ID. None of these fields are mandatory to save the vendor.


  • When finished select Save & Close to return to the vendors list. Press Save & New to continue entering new Vendors.

Custom Fields:

  • Fields can be customized for all orders, customers, vendors, and items.
  • To add Custom Fields or to change Preferences, hover over Company and select Company Preferences.
  • From the next screen, select Custom Fields.
  • From the drop down menu, select which type of Custom Field to add. A Check Box would apply to add a field that required a notation that the item was completed. A Date would apply to track the day a task was completed or needs to be started. A Drop Down List would be used for multiple options for a field that need to be manually chosen for each Vendor. Lastly, a Text Box would be used to add a specific notation that was always going to be different with every Vendor.

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