Units of Measure

ZarMoney offers units of measure capabilities combined with quantity-based pricing, allowing you to offer flexibility in volume pricing and better control your restock levels. Units are also reflected in your sales and inventory reports, so that you can analyze which units have the highest sell-through rates, and later adjust your pricing, production and stock levels to maximize revenue. You can seamlessly leverage multiple units of measure for buying, selling and costing. Improve invoicing accuracy by using and validating correct unit measurement. Validate purchase order costing by matching deliveries to vendor requirements.

Adding a new Unit of Measure:

From any page in ZarMoney, hover over Items & Services. From the drop down menu select Units of Measure.

  • This page shows the Unit of Measure List. To add a new Unit of Measure set, select Add a new Unit of Measure Set.

  • Select a Unit of Measure Type.

  • Define a Base Unit of Measure.

  • Add one or multiple Related Unit(s).

  • Name the Unit of Measure Set.

  • New Unit of Measure Set has been added.

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