Inventory Adjustment

Inventory Adjustment is an important feature to have and use if an item was received incorrectly or taken out inadvertently. Inventory Adjustment will allow correction of these errors. This feature can also be necessary when it is necessary to adjust inventory when doing a physical inventory count. This section also has an area called New Unit Value. This is helpful for inputting multiple new units of value at the same time.

Inventory Adjustment:

  •  From the Items & Services Menu, select Inventory Adjustment.

  •  Select the location for which you are adjusting the inventory (if applicable). Select proper chart of account for adjustment.


  • Enter new quantity accordingly.

  • Select Adjust at bottom of page to save changes.

  • On this page is also a column for New Unit Value. To adjust unit value, enter new unit value in appropriate box. Click Adjust at bottom of page to save changes.
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