Inventory Transfer

Transferring inventory is necessary when you have multiple locations you transfer inventory to. Being able to transfer inventory between locations is convenient and helps keep inventory down especially if you have a lot of stock at one particular location. This helps have a more accurate count of your stock and inventory.

To Create an Inventory Transfer:

  • From the Items & Services Menu, select Inventory Transfer.



  •  Select Add a new Inventory Transfer at the top left of the page. 
  • Once on the Inventory Transfer page, fill in each box accordingly.

  • Select the appropriate units of measure (if applicable). When the information emoticon is next to current quantity amount it means that there is more than one unit of measure for this Item. This feature comes in handy when wanting to ship multiple quantities.

  • When ready to transfer, select Save & Transfer Now.
  • After selecting Save & Transfer Now, transfer will show as CHECKED OUT.

  • ZarMoney will flag the screen if the Inventory Transfer exceeds quantity available.

To Receive Inventory Transfer:

  • To receive the transfer, select the Inventory Transfer # to be checked in.
  •  After verifying all items have arrived, click Receive to check in inventory.
  • Inventory is now checked in and are immediately available in the inventory at your location.
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