Receive Payment

When Receiving Payment from a customer, the funds will be applied to an open invoice, sales order (pre-payment) or open balance. The Customer may have several open invoices or sales orders that they want payment applied to. Once payment is applied it will immediately reflect on the Invoices or Sales Orders.

  • ¬†From any page in ZarMoney hover over Sales, select the plus sign next to Payment from the drop down menu.

  • Enter customer name in the Received From text box.

  • Enter the amount of the payment in the Amount text box. You can use this field to record a partial payment as well.

  • Select the Method of Payment in the Payment Method drop down menu.

  • Choose the account to which the deposit will be made by using the Deposit In drop down menu.

  • Select the date that pertains to the transaction and any reference # that may apply. (Optional)

  • Click Save & Close when finished. To create a new Received Payment click Save & New. Click Revert to cancel.
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