Non-Inventory Item

Non-Inventory Items are used for goods you buy but don't track, such as materials or parts you do not sell but buy, parts or materials you do not buy but sell, office supplies, etc.

To Add a new Non-Inventory Item:

  • From any screen in ZarMoney, hover over Items & Services.


  • Click the "+" next to Item List from the drop-down. Select "Non-Inventory Item" from the pop-up screen. 


  • The Add a New Non-Inventory Item pop up window will appear. Make sure to fill each box accordingly.
  • When finished, select Save and Close or Save and New to enter an additional item.

Custom Fields:

  • Fields can be customized for all orders, customers, vendors, and items.
  • To add Custom Fields, hover over Company and select Company Preferences.
  • Select Custom Fields from the drop down menu.
  • Select Non-Inventory Items from the drop down menu.
  • From the drop down menu, select which type of Custom Field to add. A Check Box would apply to add a field that required a notation that the item was completed. A Date would apply to track the day a task was completed or needs to be started. A Drop Down List would be used for multiple options for a field that need to be manually chosen on each Non-Inventory Item. Lastly, a Text Box would be used to add a specific notation that was always going to be different on every Non-Inventory Item.

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