Quotes/Estimates and Sales Order Status

Order status reflects where you are at with a particular transaction within Quotes/Estimates and/or Sales Orders in terms of if the transaction is processing, ready for pickup, need to order, on order, etc. Once a status is selected, all users that have granted access can see the status when clicking on a transaction. Also all users that have granted access can change a status on any transaction so each order is always up to date.

How to add a status to show on Quotes/Estimates and Sales Orders transactions:

  • From ZarMoney homepage click the Gear Icon in the upper right-hand corner, Company Preferences. From the menu on the left side, click Order Status.

  • This page reflects which statuses your business currently has. To add a status, type the name of the status in the name box. Hover over the color to the right of the name box and select which color you would like to use for this status. Click Add New to save changes.

  • The new Status is now shown. 
  • To edit a Status, click on the Pencil icon located to the left of the Status you want to edit.
  • To delete a Status, click on the Trashcan icon located to the right of the Status you want to delete.

ZarMoney offers status updates to be delivered to customers via sms/text and/or email. To apply/customize this amazing feature for Quotes/Estimates and/or Sales Orders, click on link: Status update via SMS/Text or Email

  • The Sales List page shows the Status on all orders making it easier to see which transaction needs proper attention.

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