IP Restrictions

ZarMoney's IP Restrictions help ensure that your business is protected from misuse by restricting access to IP addresses that you know are trustworthy. Use IP Restrictions when you do not want user access company data anywhere other than the company or specified location. You can define easy-to-maintain Allowed IP Ranges containing an unlimited number of network ranges and/or IP addresses that can access your company's information. You can restrict access of your company to only those users within a range of IP addresses. For example, to restrict access to users in your company, add the IP addresses of your company locations to Allowed IP Address list.

There are two options for activating the IP Restrictions feature. You can either customize Allowed IP Ranges per Role or for the entire company:

  • To manage IP Restrictions per Role select this link: Modify Allowed IP Ranges per Role
  • To manage IP Restrictions for your entire company, hover over Company and from the drop down menu select User Security.

This page allows you to add IP addresses to your Location Restrictions. Type the IP address in the box provided. Select Add New when finished.

The IP address is now on the Allowed IP Address section shown below.

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